Bedrooms and Communal areas

All bedrooms at The Swallows are singles, kept to a high standard of cleanliness and decoration. Residents can choose their own colour schemes and personalise their rooms as they wish with ornaments and pictures.

Within the building there are two very well appointed lounges either side of a compact dining area near the central kitchen. These are decorated in subtle colours, with stimulating pictures on the walls, and are furnished with smart and comfortable chairs suitable for the use of elderly people who may have restricted mobility. There is also a library area. Each lounge has its own large flat screen television and stereo system. This means that residents can always find some entertainment to suit them. The light and airy lounges face south towards gently rolling farmland, affording a lovely view that changes with the seasons. Residents and visitors find the home’s outlook very appealing and soothing and often comment on the picturesque setting.

To the rear of the building we have a well-proportioned, enclosed garden with a level patio, providing another attractive and safe space where residents can enjoy relaxing outside in fair weather.

There are ample toilets throughout the building, as well as a very convenient walk-in shower room and an assisted bathroom with an electric hoist. All these facilities are designed to ensure that residents’ personal hygiene needs are safely met in a comfortable and dignified way. We also have a separate laundry equipped with reliable modern washing machines capable of delivering the high standard of cleanliness required to keep residents safe.

A dedicated team of fully trained domestics clean the premises every day, maintaining a pleasant environment and preventing the spread of infection.

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